Announcement from Owner

vacation rental, New River Gorge WV

For those of you who have created memories while vacationing at Lynn’s Pond House over the past 8 years, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Your enjoyment of our home truly touches us deeply. Recently, we made the bittersweet decision to sell Lynn’s Pond House to a young family for residential use so it is no longer available to rent out to others.

Our sister property, Laurel Creek Retreat, has been upgraded to sleep up to 20 people and offers a beautiful, private, creekfront setting for your special gatherings of friends and family. For more information on this property, please visit or search for listing #394682 on

With a tear in one eye, yet a big grin on our faces, we have some very exciting news to share! In addition to the Fayetteville region, our services have now expanded to accommodate another recreational resort region in Friendsville, MD. Our brand new riverfront vacation/event rental, Stillwater Haven, is located on the internationally renown Youghiogheny River. Lynn’s Pond House lives on with a few different twists so to speak. The open space layout is an ideal setting for events and large group gatherings. We will continue to offer the same personal touches and comforts that have given us our unique reputation. Notes from a study of Luke 14:16: When used for God’s glory, he never asks us to give up something good unless he plans to replace it with something even better….. Come and visit us, we welcome you to share our blessing! For more information on this new property, please visit or search for listing #821894 on

vacation home, Fayetteville, WV

We love and know both areas really well. We would be honored if you would allow us to be your personal concierge, designing your stay for both outdoor adventure and indoor relaxation. We believe that we are managers of God’s resources and we have a strong desire to serve families/church groups to offer them a beautiful venue where they can create lasting memories and unforgettable experiences.

Lynn’s Pond House was a huge success. By having offered it to others, hundreds of families have been able to create wonderful memories with their family & friends. Thank you for allowing us to serve you in the past and please consider allowing us to help you create new memories at one of our other properties. If you are not familiar with Lynn’s Pond House, please feel invited to Stillwater Haven read the reviews for property listing #270210 on

Again, thank you for your past and future loyalty and support! If you want to learn more about either of our properties, please feel invited to call me, Lynn, on my cell at 540.580.2943 or send an email to any of our email addresses noted.

P.S. A Special Note From Lynn:

Over the past 8 years while managing Lynn’s Pond House, I believe I can count on one hand how many inquiries/calls I have received from women preplanning a raft trip for a group of women. It would be wonderful to see this increase. I have been a Class III- IV whitewater boater for over 30 years and can share from first-hand experience that the confidence I have gained from being involved in this sport has influenced my life and empowered me in many ways. Furthermore, when I am whitewater boating with my children, we are engaged with each other and positively influenced by our Creator’s awesome wilderness…… Some of our best conversations and bonding have been while we were whitewater boating, hiking and enjoying the out of doors together as a family. I would enjoy the opportunity to help you plan your next adventure trip/vacation and pay it forward!